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Why us

We at DTM Algo, offer scientifically-built strategies which are developed by us. We have our NIFM certified Technical analysts with strong IT development background, who help us to build and continuously improve upon our strategies. Our arsenal of strategies are well tested and are running every day in live markets for multiple client accounts, now for more than a year. Our objective is not only to generate high return, by taking calculated risk, but also to secure your fund.

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Fully Automated
Enjoy the freedom of travel and trade, where our fully automated tested Bots shall trade on your behalf. All our strategies are time tested in historical data as well as in live market. Our strategies have strict SL, as our primary focus is to safeguard your fund. To enable algo trading go ahead and register with us.
Flexible Pricing
We have two different types of pricing model. The upfront pricing model and Pay as you earn model. In Upfront subscription model, we offer minimum subscription charges for quarterly, half-yearly and Annually to all retail clients. We offer free upfront subscription charge for those clients who want to open trading account with us. They need to pay the charge at the end of every quarter at pay as you earn model.
Flexible Packaging
We have flexible strategy selection, where you can draw your own Strategy Canvas. Choose the strategies based on Risk, reward, underlying etc. We have real time live market strategies running for months on NIFTY, BANKNIFTY and Scripts. You can trade on Options, Futures, and Cash segments, specially designed for Intraday traders.

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